Monday, January 3, 2011


This song rings so true today and so I dedicate this song, My Best Remedy, to our fabulous M & E. You bring so much vibrancy to our lives as we journey along!

My Best Remedy (Amazing)

~by Christa Wells

Thank you for making me laugh today

you took me by surprise

Thank you for catching me down at the mouth

You ambushed me with delight

Amazing amazing

I’ll take your medicine anytime

you are my best remedy

Thank you for standing outside my head

‘til I came out to you

You forced me to wash my face in the fresh air

and step my feet in the dew


Be here tomorrow when I awake

come running for a dance

Mischievous angel you’ve taken your place in my heart

at last

Chorus x2

I’ll take your medicine anytime

You are my best remedy

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