Monday, December 20, 2010

My Hope Lives On

I wont lie, as we step out and ask the Lord to use our lives in whatever way He pleases, there are a billion fears crouching from within and without. Each threatening to undo us. Some days are more frightening than others. Believe me, I'm tempted to retreat into the comforts of the familiar - to leave the God I love and hide in my small definition of comfortable. But God. Don't you love that? BUT GOD! He changes everything. He makes everything whole. Nothing makes sense without Him. My God, who is a jealous God, possesses me and reminds me of HIMSELF. He is HOPE in a dark and ruined place. He is HOPE amidst all of my doubting questions. He is HOPE regardless of the favor of man. He is the HOPE that every man longs for and desperately needs. He is the HOPE worthy of treasuring and surrendering all to. He is HOPE. This song is such a good reminder of the essence and sure footing of HOPE!

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