Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Different Kind of Cholera

I woke up thinking about another sad "cholera" outbreak in Haiti. Jason had read this blog post (posted below) from Desiring God International. Not only does it make us sad but a bit angry to see this "spiritual help" coming out of America. While we treat the Haitian's practical needs (and there are many) we rob them spiritually with false hope. What a sick and awful reality. Brothers and sisters, Jesus is real. Death is real. Our need for Him is real. The Gospel is clear in Scripture and we can not handle it foolishly or "redesign" it like the "say a prayer" method does.

Now is the time Lord. Come Holy Spirit come and lead us into all truth. This is Your work. Sift the wheat from the tare in Your kingdom, for the glory of Your Name. Lord raise up true laborers who treasure You above all else. Send out Your disciples to make disciples of all nations - from shore to shore. Lord, You stand at the door of judgment. Our time here is short. Equip us to accurately share the Good News in word and deed. Set Your children's hands to the plow in perseverance of the faith. Make us disciples so that we can disciple. Keep us from all misunderstandings and from leading any soul astray with empty good intentions. Oh Lord, make truth to reign until all the "ransomed church of God is saved to sin no more". For Your glory Lord, we ask.

For the record - there is no such thing as a *magical* prayer that saves souls. Jesus saves souls. Faith in Jesus saves souls. It is a work that only He can do. Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God!

Say the prayer and go to heaven

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