Thursday, October 28, 2010


Makayla woke up to a dream about our family adopting 3 kids. :) Good dream! It is a topic that has come up frequently in the past 5 years and even more so now that Haiti is more than a good idea. We often see little black babies or hear stories of broken orphans and our whole family is drawn to them because our God LOVES the orphan. We definitely want to pursue adoption in Haiti. Two kids is simply not enough for this Schmick clan.

Adoption is so near to the heart of our God. One of the things that ministered to us every Sunday - and I mean EVERY Sunday - at Bethlehem Baptist Church was the families that had chosen to adopt. Some children looked so loveable and easy to receive but there were many, many families who accepted mentally & physically impaired orphans. Talk about elected love! Now if that does not scream Gospel, I don't know what does.

I am "Mephibosheth" (Jonathan's crippled son) who when received by David at his table said, “What is your servant that you should notice a dead dog like me?”. I am that child of wrath, that lost sheep, that unwanted soul and then He rescues me and calls me to Himself. He redeems me in my broken state and gives me a name. He makes me whole. I am His child. I have a place. I have a purpose in Christ Jesus! YES! Adoption is beautiful. It is right.

So anyway, after Makayla and I thumbed through the newest Boden Catalog the whole while discussing how our adopted babies would look so cute in this sort of outfit or hairstyle, etc... Makayla contemplated in pen adoption. It made her proud mom and dad cry. Yes, Lord, please may our family be used to glorify You in adoption.

By Makayla

We've talked a many time of you -
Though we had never seen you -
We'd talk about who you'd be,
And how old you would be.
We talked about if you would be BIG or little.
If you would be younger or in the middle.
And now we see you!
We know now who you are!

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