Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Quick Tell

A quick update before we head off to McCook to see some of our closest friends, all of the way from Georgia.

Thank you for praying!
* We enjoyed safe travels: both Jason by plane - the kids & I by car. I had energy & joy the entire time.
* My mom & step-dad have been ooberly generous in letting us add a ton of miles to their car. Thanks!
* C.W.O. was so good to us. Dean Yoder, President of C.W.O., went out of his way to welcome us.
* It was good to see C.W.O.'s headquarters and meet some of their staff. -should've taken pictures. oops.
* Anticipating, even more, to see God at work in Haiti: gladly being spent for Him.
* The meetings went very well - with many questions answered [we'll report more later].
* We enjoyed our splice of family time in the middle of this changeover. Ethan managed to wrestle Jason (their favorite past time) and we all reaffirmed that together is best!
* The pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, per my sister's recommendation, was toothsome.
* Jason gave his notice today & his boss was more than agreeable. God's favor was definitely received in this as Jason will be able to work out his notice (a rare gift in Rainbow Foods' world of retail) & an open door for future employment (if ever needed).
* We are so thankful for the insurance that God has provided. Jason got his chompers worked on today (along with the rest of the family this past year). Such a gift!

Looking Ahead:
* Pray for Jason as he finishes up his last week, gets his crooked back readjusted by the chiropractor & makes the Nebraska long haul.
* Pray for a temporary home for the next 9 months or so. We've got our minds set on a particular place but nothing is concrete.
* Pray for our future employment. We've got a strong possibility but again it's not quite for-sure.
* Pray for this season of support raising - that God would be honored & the One at work - not any fruitless striving of our own.
* And always - pray that He would have first place in our everyday lives so that His Name would be made great in & through these redeemed clay vessels regardless of our location (here or Haiti)!

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