Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Successful Trip

How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God!
Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.
psalm 36:7

We are home in Minnesota after a week of traveling to Nebraska. It never feels like we manage time well enough to see and do all that we've been desirous of. However, it was a very great week.

Clarity is one of the reasons we had a great trip. Let me explain: Christian World Outreach approved us to partner with them. We are moving ahead in the process of their missionary policy. (yay!)

Clarity #1: Our immediate "dilemma" there such a word in the Kingdom? Anyway, our immediate need is to loosen up our time and finances, month to month, so that we can better prepare to GO. Our lease is up at the end of this month and that has had us seriously contemplating if we should stay or move. Then, the question was ... Well, IF we move, then where? We think that is becoming very clear. Not all of the details have been ironed out, plans are always subject to change as the Lord pleases, but it seems that Scottsbluff, NE will be our temporary landing spot. This will strategically place us 4 hours away from C.W.O.'s headquarters in Denver, the airport and 4 hours from our old hometown McCook, NE. We have family in Scottsbluff and the thought of living near them (especially nieces & nephew) after 10 years of being away thrills our whole family. We want to continue to nurture relationships near and far to make His Name known. This move will also cut our month to month needs in half which means that Jason will not have the demand to make as much; freeing up our resources to travel back and forth to Haiti, in preparation for our move.

Clarity #2: Lord willing, we will live in Port Au Prince. Since the earthquake housing has doubled and in some scenarios it has tripled. When I expose this to you, you'll get a glimpse at the corruption (the rich get richer & the poor get poorer) that can take place in a 3rd-world country, especially after a crisis - be prepared to gasp because we did... renting a house in Haiti right now is running around $3,500 a month. (gasp) That would put our budget at $42,000 for housing alone - uhm, yeah, that's not good. So, it sounds as if C.W.O. is considering building a 3rd level onto their headquarters in PAP. This will also be used as a Hospitality House for mission teams. I am totally stoked about this connections opportunity to serve not only churches coming in from the states but also the Haitian churches by hosting, feeding and loving on these people as they come to serve. Did I mention feeding? I like to feed people. ;) VERY COOL!

Clarity #3: The next steps with C.W.O. are as follows: we had an encouraging interview with one of the directors and we have another one over the phone this month, we'll visit C.W.O.'s headquarters in Denver at the end of this month or beginning of September - at this time we'll get a schedule for the next 12 months which will include several trips to Haiti, at the beginning of November C.W.O. brings in all their missionary families from Africa for a mission's conference for two weeks in Denver - we'll attend as much of this as time affords, in January C.W.O. hosts a pastoral conference (training) in Haiti for their 9 churches - we're planning to attend and possibly take the kids (that will be fun to expose them & hear their feedback).

For now we have a month of packing & purging once again. School sits on the mid-September horizon, to which, I'm using it as a goal to be transitioned and settled. I keep reminding myself that in spite of all the shuffling around our kids still need consistency & education! ;) (duh!) btw - I LOVE my kids & I LOVE homeschooling!

We know His sufficient grace one step at a time. As He calls - He supplies and that is so reassuring! God is faithful and He is our Provider!

Soon I'll post about His provision for housing in Scottsbluff. It is kind-of a cool story about how God knows what we need and takes care of it and everything He does is for a bazillion reasons. He is incredibly Wise!

We are praying for many of you and will you please pray for us? Pray for us to keep growing in the Hope of His calling and a job for Jason in Scottsbluff that provides both the finances & the flexibility to travel. Thanks!


  1. Well, we're definitely going to have to see you while you are in SB. This journey you've been on sounds amazing, and we'd like to hear more in person.