Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moved In PIctures

Our dear friend Angela, from GA, flew in: providing much appreciated packing support!

Our town home in Eagan is almost mobile.

Makayla documents our lives well in pictures.
Jason is in the U-Haul as we trek across South Dakota.

Our fabulous Makayla - the camera master herself. :)

An absolutely gorgeous sky that caused much reason to rejoice in our Creator God!

We made it!
Ethan, where he belongs, in the mud at Ron's Towing & Storage in Scottsbluff !

Another reminder during our move that God is BIG.
It started pouring rain while we unpacked the truck & then God sent a rainbow.

Jason worked tirelessly with such a fabulous attitude! He is amazing!
My mom has a tetras like mind when it comes to packing, especially our 10x10 storage unit. Together they were a great team!

This is one good Grandpa and Step-Dad!
He is so good to us! Thank you!

Figuring it all out... what's - what?


  1. I remember searching for winter coats (in July) in our storage unit a couple of summers ago. I think I had the exact same expression on my face. Praying for you, hoping to see you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Oh - the storage unit is a test of my patience. I lost my coffee pot and favorite coffee somewhere in there....ugh. Coffee is not my treasure but JESUS is ENOUGH! :) (I keep reminding myself that...) I can't wait to see you, friend! :)