Friday, August 6, 2010

C.W.O.'s Headquarters in Haiti

When we were in Haiti last summer, with Christian World Outreach, we got a glimpse of their ministry. I wanted to share with you, in pictures, some of what they do. The following building that we'll tour is C.W.O.'s headquarters in Port Au Prince. It's a two level structure that survived the earthquake; continuing to be provision for the Feminine Training Center, Pastoral offices and Sunday morning worship services. I believe, it is this building, that they are contemplating building a third level, which would serve as our housing and a hospitality house for missions groups.

The church's sign on the wall around the building.
The kitchen used to teach the ladies culinary skills in the F. T. C. (Feminine Training Center)
The sewing room for the F.T.C.The cosmetology room
Sunday morning worship
We've heard this church, in PAP, is really growing post earthquake.

One of the reasons we are desirous of partnering with Christian World Outreach is because they are working with the local Haitian Christians; using means of practical kindness to bring the hope of Christ. Unfortunately, many mission organizations are set up in handout fashion only; focusing only on temporary humanitarian efforts and constant practical foreign dependence. We highly regard how C.W.O. is humbly coming alongside as a support of directive encouragement. Though, full of good intentions, helping another people group can become enabling with foreign humanitarian handouts. This conviction to partner with the local church seems extremely right to us. We long for Haitians to treasure Christ supremely; living and laboring to make His Name known in their everyday, amongst their people, for the glory of His Name and the following generations. Instead, of looking to foreign aid for hope, may they see and savor a mighty God who is able to keep them and direct their lives with Christ-likeness - sharing and "spreading a passion for the supremacy of Christ for the joy of all peoples".

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