Wednesday, July 7, 2010


  • Step #1 - Vision For Missions & Hearts For Haiti - check
You are more than welcome to read our vision and heart for missions and Haiti posted below. They are one in the same though we are two individuals. We've found we communicate best together. Jason fills up what is lacking in me and vice versa. Marriage is just cool like that!
*warning* - they are a bit're under no obligation

  • Step #2 - Applications filled out and sent to C.W.O.'s board of directors by July 31. At this time they will meet & officially decide if we are partnering with them.

  • Step #3 - We're praying about where we should live. Our lease is up in August and we'd like to conserve our month to month living expenses to better steward.

Will you pray for our next steps? Thanks.

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